Remote work (part 2)

In the first part of this article we presented some positive arguments that justify the implementation (or, at least, the contemplation for such scenario) by the companies. We referred gains in terms of sparing of money and time and their impact in the well-being, motivation and productivity inside the company.

What about the team? Remote work sounds interesting, but won’t the elements of the team lose the human contact with their colleagues? Won’t they feel isolated by talking only on the distance and dealing with their colleague through written chat messages? Each person is different and will feel the impact of this factor in a different way. Remote work may, after all, be not ideal for every person for this reason or another. The personal contact is important and should not ever be neglected.

The many advantages of remote work should not create a situation where a worker doesn’t know who she is working with. A good team is the one whose members know each other, trust each other, help each other, are close to each other and, of course, this relation is stronger if there is personal contact. The company should have in mind that it is its responsibility to promote team building to make the workers interact and socialize.

The company should organize events where the workers will meet, talk, have fun, exchange ideas, make exercise, learn… together. The important is that these are moments to share, to have a good time and to create stronger bonds inside the team. The regularity of these events should be de adequate; too sporadic and the bonds created will get dimmer until then next meeting; too frequent and it would mean too many expenses for the company, and for the worker it would mean going often to meet the team which is what the remote work intends to avoid.

Another factor that has benefits is competitivity. A company that has a remote work policy and a good methodology and can have good results and keep its workers motivated, will be a company desirable to work for. In the moment to look around and choose a company to work in, the candidate will take into account the advantages offered. A good professional with good skills will try to work for this company rather than another that doesn’t have this to offer. This is good news for the candidate (because he will work in a company with good conditions) and for the company (because, apart from all the other benefits already mentioned, will be able to hire this valuable professional).

Yet in this matter, there is the elimination of the geographical barrier for a team. A company that has to hire someone, usually looks for people living near the office, which is very limiting. If this company finds the ideal professional to fit a work need, probably she will be hired only if she already lives nearby or if she is willing to move to somewhere around. If a company from Lisbon finds the ideal candidate who lives in Vila Real, and in case she doesn’t want to leave that city, the company won’t have the chance to hire her. And in many situations like this, the worker could make the work perfectly from home, remotely.

By implementing remote work policies, the company must no longer look locally. The geographical area of search will be larger. It may even be the whole world. Once more, it will depend on the existing methodology and the capability of the company to adapt to other cultures, languages, time zones. But potentially the limitation imposed by geography may be totally eliminated.

Of course, not all jobs may be done remotely. A cook must be in the kitchen cooking. A police officer must be outside patrolling. A shop keeper must be present to receive the clients. However, even these people will have benefits from third party remote work.
A person working from home will not have to face the daily traffic and will not be part of it. The more people work from home, the greater positive impact they will have in the traffic, helping those who are forced to deal with it every day. And there is other obvious consequence: the worker will reduce her carbon footprint, becoming more ecological. And that is good for everyone.

Also, with the time and money spared from remote work, the worker may travel more, dine out more often, have more activities, which will benefit tourism, restaurants, shops, services, etc.

In summary, this text presented some of the advantages for the employee, employer and the society in general. The change has already started. Companies are starting to understand and to adopt remote work. The tendency is that this will be the norm for many jobs and those companies that don’t adapt to it will be less attractive, won’t have the best professionals and, eventually, may not survive. Remote work works and brings interesting returns. It is important to understand, however, that it doesn’t work by magic. It requires a united team, good communication, respect, control. It is required that the worker has good work conditions at home which may require an initial investment.

It is required that the company learns how to break barriers and preconceptions. There is no single recipe for success in this area. Each case is unique; but no matter what the case is, with the correct implementation remote work creates interesting results.

Since the beginning of our activity, Estamos Juntos has a policy of remote work. We have created our own methodology for communication and control, which has evolved with multiple projects and teams until it has reached a mature state which is flexible, complete and highly effective.

Our teams work from home, from the office, from the mall or from wherever they are comfortable, anywhere in the world. We have had situations with teams working simultaneously in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, with multiple time zones and multiple languages. Our official language is Portuguese, but whenever needed we use English, a language that all our workers are proficient with. The observed result it clearly positive.

Estamos Juntos helps other companies that wish to implement remote work and bring this concept to reality in their daily work. We work to identify control methods, information fluxes, communication methods and all the solutions that adapt to each company, each team, each project.

We can help you to make this a reality for you. The advantages exist and they are many. Remote work works with us. It may also work for you. Ask us how.

Together promotes the health and well-being of its workers with physical exercise with a personal trainer in the meeting days at the office.
Estamos Juntos promotes the health and well-being of its workers with physical exercise with a personal trainer in the meeting days at the office.

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