About Us

Our mission is to create solutions by delivering and maintaining information technology projects with maximum quality.

Estamos Juntos (“we are Together”) is more than just a name. It is truly our philosophy and attitude on the market.

Our commitment with our clients goes beyond work or projects. The satisfaction and success are achieved through total engagement and real partnership; by being side by side with the client to solve all the present problems and by identifying solutions for the future.
Our company is young but our team has a long and significant experience with information technology and management in different geographical areas. Our clients are large private or public organization dealing with complex systems and data with large volume and sensitivity, requiring the most robust, secure and usable solutions, the best professionals, and the best technologies.

Our clients prefer us because of our involvement, dedication and the results that we deliver. Today we work with various clients from governmental, insurance, and banking areas. In this site you can find information about us, our history, our goals and successful projects. It is also a space where we share helpful information related to our activity contributing to the enrichment of the community.
We thank you for your interest.

We will always be available to clarify any questions that you may have about us, and about how we can help you and your organization.